It’s so hard to breathe that I can’t even find a comfortable position to sleep in

Makin myself nervous because my suite mate now has bronchitis and I got sick from her and today I’ve been getting really winded and breathing feels like wheezing and I’m coughing a lot

Currently lamenting over the fact that I will be in an enormous amount of debt for years and could have chosen to go to school for literally $0

I don’t understand when people say shit like “it’s not a real relationship until you fight”
The amount of disagreements you have and the way you handle them has nothing to do with how “real” your relationship is??????



are straight boys obligated to touch the top of every door frame??

We do it as an act of cleansing for the times our hands accidentally brush against our bros’ hands

best roommate award goes to my girl who randomly bought me sushi without asking and then gave me cough drops and refilled my water


wtf I’m so fucking sick this is hell
Why did I have to get sick right before Monday
I didn’t want to miss classes this early on in the semester gdi

A cold has been going around my dorm and my suite and now I finally got it and it hit me like a fucking train all of a sudden
I’m so bummed

The only downside about having bathrooms inside your suite is you always hear when your suite mates puke

sometimes college just makes you lonely as fuck

That one typa high where you eat any edible item in your line of sight

that one kind of high where time is literally nonexistent 

Swear to god my thigh twitches every time I’m high

Love my school but I fucking hate the Greek culture tbh
being in the music school sometimes makes me forget I’m in a larger university that has this HUGE emphasis on sports and Greek life

it’s hilarious that I fucked up my schedule during my first semester of freshman year of college like honestly that is such a representation of my personality