Are you living in the real world?

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fun life update!!

my midterms were last week, so to celebrate on friday my boyfriend came to visit and took me back home with him, and then in the morning we went to my house and I surprised my family with a visit!! I’ve been chillin in my house, which is super weird because I keep forgetting where the light switches are, and that the lock for my bathroom door actually works (unlike the one in my suite)

then I’m gonna chill more tomorrow and go home in the evening, and THEN  on tuesday we get our new bands assigned, and while I’m sad I probably won’t be in a band with my friend, I’m also excited to potentially make more friends 

I’m just really bad at reaching out to people, so there always has to be some kind of required interaction to occur before I can get close to anyone. being in a band with new people will force me to talk to new people AKA become friends with new people, which will be good for me!!!!!! and I’m really excited!!!!!!! yay life!!

Remember when Chaka Khan sang with my class yesterday? (at University of Southern California)

a lil snippet of my band doing Surfin’ U.S.A. which was SO fun

Me n my fellow bass player before the show last night!!

Me n my fellow bass player before the show last night!!

My midterm performance was the most fun thing on the planet and I can’t wait to post vids and pics of it :’))

the fact that Anita Sarkeesian is getting such horrific terrorist threats simply for being a feminist in the gaming world is just another huge reason to be a feminist, act as a feminist, and to proudly label myself as such



possibly my favourite scene from anything ever

ok what the hell is the x files


Tumblr user m0thra is a homophobe



Tumblr user m0thra is a homophobe


Do you ever think about the fact that lice is the most disgusting thing in the world and I had it twice last year
Like sometimes I just ponder my bad luck

Some days I just feel like I have no real friends here

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She told him all that he wanted to hear
Yet somehow he still wasn’t pleased
He said, “There’s nothing left to do, dear,
You’ll never be perfect for me.” 
And so she put on her morning coat
And took all the stars from the sea. 

- a lyric I wrote for my songwriting class in which we had to analyze creative metaphors and the mapping between the source and target domain

I just got stupidly sad ???????? Love it

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